2020-2021: SCIS has established and developed and implemented Covid-19 standards over the past two years for our clients.  Helping them achieve compliance with the ever changing standards and mandates.

12/2020: SCIS has teamed up with All-Wall Drywall, Inc., as safety oversite on their projects throughout the Inland Empire.

06/2020: SCIS developed a Covid-19 Response Plan and an IIPP for Alpha Tile.  We trained management to implement and maintain the new safety program.

03/2020: SCIS has teamed up with Snyder Langston as safety oversite on their project in Palm Springs.

02/2020:  SCIS partnered up with non-profit Illumination Foundation and created an emergency action plan for one of their facilities that help to rehabilitate homeless individuals.

2018-Present: SCIS has contributed to our clients achieving Incident and Injury Free workplaces.  We are on track track to continue the status through end of 2021 and beyond.

07/2019: SCIS - John Murphy is a third party Regional Safety Manager for several construction projects that are being performed on LACCD Campuses in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

06/15/2018: SCIS teamed up with Patriot Pipeline, Inc., as their 3rd Party Safety Consultants. We will be creating a Safety Program, conducting On-Site Safety Inspections on numerous jobs in the So-Cal area as well as Safety Training.

01/31/2018:  USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bio-Science - was a 3 year OCIP project that completed -01/31/2018.

10/01/2017: USC Jimmy Iovine and Andrea Young Hall- Safety Over Sight on Construction Project - Completed September 2018.

11/01/2017:  The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum renovation project kicks off!  Completed 08/2019.

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